IntelliJ Platform SDK DevGuide

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Publishing a Plugin

When your plugin is ready, you can publish it to a plugin repository so that other users can install it. You can choose to publish it on the JetBrains Plugins Repository or a custom plugin repository.

Publishing to the JetBrains Plugins Repository

To upload your plugin to the JetBrains Plugins Repository, you must log in with your personal JetBrains Account.

To get your JetBrains account:

  1. Open the JetBrains Account Center and click Create Account.
  2. Fill in all fields in the Create JetBrains Account form that opens and click Register.

To upload your plugin to JetBrains Plugins Repository:

  1. Log in to JetBrains Plugins Repository with your personal JetBrains account.
  2. On your Profile page that opens, click Add new plugin.
  3. Fill in the Add new plugin form that opens and click the Add the plugin button to upload your plugin.

Publishing a Plugin to a Custom Plugin Repository

If you plan to publish your plugin to a repository other than the JetBrains Plugins Repository, please refer to the Publishing to Custom Plugin Repositories documentation.

Last modified: 21 September 2020