IntelliJ Platform SDK DevGuide

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Content Updates

This page lists notable additions and updates to the SDK documentation and code samples.

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README added to Code Samples
All code samples used in this guide now come with README making it easier to browse them. They can be conveniently accessed via a separate GitHub repository.


Dynamic Plugins update
Added new sections Code and Troubleshooting to Dynamic Plugins.
GitHub IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template
Create new plugins with a preconfigured project scaffold and CI in one click.
Disposer & Disposable
Added reference discussing resource cleanup/management.


Settings (Preferences)
Added guide and tutorial on integrating with IDE Settings dialog.
UI Inspector
Inspect Swing components and associated data (like AnAction for menu item) using the UI Inspector.


JCEF Support (Experimental Feature)
Allows embedding Chromium-based browser in the IDE.


All Code Samples converted to Gradle
All samples now use the recommended solution of setting up plugin projects.


Custom Language Support Tutorial converted to Gradle
The corresponding tutorial and Testing a Custom Language Plugin have been updated and enhanced as well.
Targeting specific IDEs
Part VIII - Product Specific has been expanded massively, now also covering each IDE with its own dedicated page.



Dynamic Plugins support
Added starting point Dynamic Plugins for migrating plugins (IntelliJ Platform 2020.1 and later).
Plugin Components migration
Components being a legacy feature, the updated page describes migrating them to modern replacement API.


Part X - Plugin Repository moved
All contents have been moved to JetBrains Marketplace documentation.


New page: Optimizing Performance
How to improve performance working with PSI, indexing, and avoiding UI freezes.


New Page: Kotlin UI DSL
Describes preferred way of building UI/dialogs for IntelliJ Platform 2019.2 and later.
Last modified: 8 October 2020