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IntelliJ Platform SDK

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Welcome to the IntelliJ Platform SDK. This is the primary source of documentation for extending the IntelliJ Platform, by creating plugins, custom language support or building a custom IDE.

Getting Started


See Content Updates for latest changes. Follow JBPlatform on Twitter and visit JetBrains Platform Blog for latest announcements.

Upgrading your plugin to the latest platform release? Make sure to check Incompatible Changes as well as Notable Changes and Features.

Dynamic Plugins are available in 2020.1. We’ve also published our roadmap for the IntelliJ Platform for 2020: Part I Part II

Open Source

This guide is Open Source, and licensed under Apache 2.0. The source (as Markdown) is hosted on GitHub. Please see for details on how to host the docs locally and contribute.

Please see Getting Help if you encounter bugs in this guide or require help with missing content.

Last modified: 9 July 2020